The Seven Best Ways to Store a Bike in an Apartment

bicycle in small apartment

If you’re an active resident looking for a new home, one key concern might be finding adequate space for storing items like bicycles. It’s a common misconception that apartment living limits such possibilities. In reality, apartments offer a variety of creative and discreet storage solutions for your bike, ensuring your active lifestyle remains uninterrupted. Let’s delve into seven practical places to store your bicycle in an apartment setting.

1. Balcony or Porch

Is the apartment of interest on a ground floor or an upper level? Does it include outdoor space, like a porch or balcony? If so, then you can easily store your bike in one of those locations by investing in a bike lock for security. However, it is necessary to check with the complex rules to ensure that outdoor storage is OK, especially for the front porch.

2. Garage

Next, some apartment leases or contracts come with a garage as an amenity. If you are lucky enough to find an apartment with an included garage, then storage shouldn’t be an issue. Although, the garage will likely be a single-car unit, which means you may want to invest in a garage ceiling or wall rack. However, the need for an extra rack depends on the size of your vehicle, and for that matter, if you have a car.

3. Closet

Many apartments come with several closets, including an entry hall coat closet. While you will need to store your bike vertically, a closet can be an excellent option for storage, especially during summer months, when heavy coats and jackets can be moved to other areas of your space. Although, if your entry closet is too full, then you may be able to use a bedroom closet, especially if it has double doors, making it easier to store and remove the bike.

4. Laundry Room

If you really want your bike out of sight when the company is over, then you can potentially use a laundry room, if you have one. While an in-apartment laundry room may not be large, it should be big enough to store a bicycle without interfering too much in your daily routines. You can even purchase a wall rack to lift your bike up and out of the way.

5. Bike Stand

If you cannot store your bike outside, and the apartments in Shelby Township don’t provide enough closet space, then you could purchase a bike stand, keeping the bike out in the open. While not an ideal situation, a bike rack with a colorful, well-maintained bicycle can actually add to the ambiance of a space. After all, aren’t interior spaces supposed to reflect you and what you love?

6. Wall Rack or Hanger

Wall racks and hangers are additional options for open-air storage. However, these devices are slightly more low-profile than a typical bike rack, which can help to improve the flow throughout an apartment. If you are low on storage options and floor space, then a wall hugger rack is a good option, as is a hanger.

7. Bike Column

Do you own more than one bike? If you own two bikes, then apartment living and storage can be difficult. However, a bike column could offer a solution. Bike columns are installed using a tension bar, and these devices allow for two bikes to be stored and hung, one above the other. By utilizing the vertical space in your apartment, you can store your bikes while taking up minimal floor space.

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