What to Expect In a Senior Living Community: Shelby Park Manor

Shelby Park Manor wants you to enjoy your life as much as possible. We offer independent senior living communities that enable you to retain as much of your autonomy as you want. At the same time, you can receive all the assistance you need, whereas our staff can refer you to the resources that matter to you, and you won’t be alone.

What’s a Senior Living Apartment?

A senior living apartment classifies as a place to live but is only offered to people of a minimum age. Some adults 55 and over might live in a townhouse or condo. However, others might rent a one-bedroom apartment in a complex that has a common area in it.

The townhouses and condos feel more separate than the complexes that have many apartments adjoined. In any case, each of these types of residences offers as much privacy and as many amenities as preferred by the people who live there. Learn about the differences between independent and assisted living here!

What Amenities are in a Senior Community?

The most popular features sought after by seniors include parks and walking trails, a private patio or balcony, scenic views, and laundry rooms. Senior apartments that people 55 and over typically seek also have gathering rooms and serving areas.

The tenants, who typically have retired by this time, also find having access to convenient transportation useful for entertainment outings, doctor appointments or grocery shopping. In addition, they typically want to cook their own meals in a private kitchen if they want. At the same time, they might also want the option of eating meals served to them by the living community staff.

It’s possible for you to have the best of both worlds — independence and service on the premises. Accessibility also matters. Maybe you need a grab bar or chair in your shower, or you need a place that allows room for a wheelchair. In addition, you perhaps would like to join some classes to learn a new skill or go swimming. All this and more can be provided for you where you live.

What Attractions and Recreational Activities are There?

Seniors living in apartments designed for their age group want to access nearby shopping centers, restaurants, and convenience stores. In addition, they usually appreciate living in proximity to their banks, hairdresser, or the post office.

However, they don’t want to just run errands or eat. Seniors also might want to see concerts, spend time kayaking, visit a local nature center, or go golfing. Heritage Park, Holland Ponds, and The Orchards Golf club name a few places where desired activities occur. However, the place with the most biking and walking paths is the Macomb-Orchard Trail, which includes 24 miles of nature. Still wondering if you should live in a senior living apartment? Read our blog here for more information.

Why Choose Shelby Park Manor for Your Senior Apartment?

At Shelby Park Manor, you’ll have the convenience of the city only a few miles from you. At the same time, you have the luxury of natural seclusion all around your living space. Enjoy water ponds, wildlife, and trees on site – just about in your backyard.

We also provide a safe, cozy, and secure senior living community that is well-kept and remodeled with all the latest fixtures. What’s more, you’ll find the Shelby Senior, Library, and Ascension Health System within reach. In addition, you’ll be close to the Beaumont Hospital Troy and the Henry Ford Macomb Hospital.

Enjoy both solitude and social time. It’s all up to you when you decide to make Shelby Park Manor your home. Choose between a variety of floor plans, including the one- and two-bedrooms or the one-bedroom with den. Here’s a helpful guide for Finding the Right Senior Living Community.

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