The Benefits of Active 55+ Communities

While living in a house may have been the dream when you were younger, it is not uncommon for people to wish for smaller accommodations and less responsibility as they get older and start preparing for retirement. If you are at least in your mid 50s and wishing to downsize, then you may be interested in active 55+ living communities and the Macomb County apartments of Shelby Park Manor. These spacious units offer a private patio or balcony with a beautiful and natural view. However, while the apartments are delightful, that is not all an active 55+ living community has to offer.

Socialize with an Active Peer Group

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When deciding on moving and downsizing your current lifestyle, it can be intimidating. After all, significant changes typically indicate equal sacrifices. However, choosing a 55+ community is not the same as other moves you may have made in your life. 55+ communities are full of other future or current retirees who have worked their entire life and are looking for peace, quiet and happiness. This means that these communities are full of like-minded individuals, which often results in fast friendships and therefore a smoother transition.

Quiet Environment

social room at shelby park manorAs stated, many people who choose to move to a 55+ living community are doing so to downsize and find peace and quiet. These communities are reserved for people approaching retirement or who are already retired. Overall, the environment is designed to be quiet, tranquil and safe. Granted, your family are more than welcome to stop by and visit, but for the most part, these communities are designed to make life simple, relaxing and enjoyable. They are also safe and secure for added peace of mind.

Landscaping Services Included

shelby park manor northOne of the biggest perks of adult living in Shelby township communities is that landscaping services are provided. After 30, 40 or more years of mowing the lawn and watering the flowers, you can actually sit back and let someone else do it. This goes for everything landscape related. No more cutting grass, raking leaves or shoveling snow. The responsibilities of property maintenance are no longer your burden when living in a 55+ community, leaving more time for you to rediscover your hobbies and interests.


Another element that makes trading in your home for a smaller place more worth it is the available amenities offered by different communities. For instance, some communities are located within close proximity to nature trails and parks. Other apartments have community gyms or pools. No matter your needs, most communities will have amenities that are suited to you and your new lifestyle. Other examples of amenities are recreational facilities, like tennis courts. Find a 55+ community that has the amenities you find most valuable.

Proximity to Prime Locations

Beyond available amenities, many active 55+ living facilities are developed near prime locations, meaning that they are located near shopping and restaurants. For instance, 55+ living apartments in Shelby Township, Michigan are close to metro parks and golf courses. Other complexes are likely near shopping malls and theaters, making boredom a thing of the past. Why stay in a home that is overwhelming you when you can have an apartment that allows you to have the life you want?

There is no need to grow older in a home that has become a burden. 55+ living in Macomb County means living as you want, retiring as you wish. Shelby Park Manor is an active 55+ living community that offers you the opportunity to live the rest of your life in comfort, free of worry. Fill out our online form of call 1-248-531-8665 and schedule an appointment today.

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