It’s a Good Time to Move Into a Senior Living Community: Here’s Why


Aging in place has become popular in recent years. Many people want to stay in the home where they raised their children, where things are familiar, and where they have the most memories. Others choose to buy a home that offers all the features they will need as they age. 

If you’re in the second group, but don’t want the hassle of homeownership, you should move into a senior living community. Senior housing is perfect for people over 55 who don’t want to own a home, but want to maintain an independent lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about why you should move into a senior living community. 

Senior Living Apartments Provide Comfort During the Pandemic

We live in an amazing era— modern medicine has elevated the quality of life, and technology has made so many things easier. However, with a pandemic that seems likely to become endemic, there are plenty of things to worry about. 

Like the flu, COVID-19 poses higher risks for aging communities, especially for those who have chronic health conditions. So, while aging in place might mean you are around friends and family, there are also concerns about who to socialize with and how often.

Senior living communities are somewhat isolated from the surrounding neighborhoods, which can help you stay safe and healthy. Senior communities also provide safe socializing opportunities and activities. So, although you would be in a quieter neighborhood, you won’t ever have to worry about being isolated from your friends and family.

Other Benefits of Moving a Senior Living Community

In addition to providing added comfort and increasing your safety, there are other benefits of moving into a senior living community in 2022. 

A Convenient & Virtual Experience

Unlike pre-pandemic times, today there is not a waiting list for senior housing. That means your new home will be ready for you when you are ready to make the move.

Moving into a senior community is mostly a virtual experience. That means no more scheduling appointments or driving to the location to do a walkthrough. You can take a virtual tour, sign the lease, and even make remote payments to secure your new home. And, all applicants must provide proof of a negative COVID test. This gives residents confidence that everyone from staff to residents is committed to creating a safe and  healthy environment.

Unbeatable Amenities

Another great benefit that senior housing offers is high-end, luxury accommodations and amenities. Most of the time, these amenities are totally affordable. Instead of overspending on a new home or on renovations, save time and hassle by renting a move-in ready apartment. 

Join Shelby Park Manor’s Senior Living Community

Shelby Park Manor offers several senior housing floor plans with beautiful amenities and immaculately groomed outdoor spaces. 

Community Benefits

As a part of our senior living community, you’ll enjoy access to walking trails and parks, beautiful ponds and water features, and forested scenery. Plus, while the community is quiet and secluded, you will still have easy access to shopping and medical care. We even provide on-site transportation services to make running errands and going shopping both convenient and safe.

Apartment Amenities

Inside our community, you’ll find a comfortable and elegant two-story lobby, complete with many gathering spaces. These spacious rooms are perfect for visiting with family, friends, and other residents. Additionally, each apartment has a private patio or balcony for relaxing. 

Interested in Learning More? Call Shelby Park Manor Today!

Shelby Park Manor’s senior living community is open to individuals ages 55 and up. Visit our website to learn more about our senior housing options. If you’re ready to move into our community, call us at (248) 243-4611 or fill out our easy online form, and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.

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