Active Adult Communities: What are They?

Active adult communities are property developments catering to people that are 55 years and older. The properties are residential and offer these adults maintenance-free and independent living. Residents can choose to continue working or not, and there are a wide variety of activities within the real estate development. What Makes an Active Adult Community Different? […]

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Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living

Is your neighborhood starting to feel dangerous or noisy? Is your house so far out in the country that you feel stuck at home? In that case, a community setting may be just what you need to feel comfortable again. Two popular options are independent living and assisted living. What are the differences? What Is […]

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What Is a Senior Living Community?

If you’ve reached the age of 55 or beyond, you may not find your current home the joy to live in that it was when you first moved in. For instance, you may be tired of doing all the maintenance that goes with homeownership. Or you may wish you didn’t have to go up and […]

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