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Are There Tax Deductions for Senior Living?

Senior couple at home doing taxes together seated on a couch

Are you wondering if there are tax deductions for senior living expenses? If so, you’re not alone. Many seniors are looking for ways to reduce costs. Fortunately, some tax deductions may be available to help you do just that. Is Senior Independent Living Tax Deductible? The short answer is yes. Senior independent living can be […]

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Easy Guide to Power of Attorneys (POA)

Understanding the concept of a power of attorney, or POA, is an essential aspect of planning for retirement and beyond. The concept of “power of attorney” references the power under the law that an individual has to act on behalf of another person in legal, medical, or financial matters. A power of attorney is a […]

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55+ Community Versus Home Ownership in Senior Years

Shelby park manor

With independent living communities, retirement homes, and subsidized housing available, senior adults have more options than ever. In the past, many retiring homeowners would start to worry about how to keep up with maintaining the home they live in or how to keep up with unexpected expenses while living on a fixed income. 55+ communities […]

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What Is a Retirement Community?

A retirement community is a specific facility for older adults/aging communities. All retirement communities aim to provide older adults with a better, safer, and less stressful environment to live in. There are also several types of retirement communities to choose from, including 55+, independent, assisted living, and memory care. This article will cover every kind […]

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The Differences Between a Nursing Home & Independent Living Community

Shelby Park Manor Apartments

Where you live and the environment that you’re in every day does impact your lifestyle, comfort, and overall quality of life. Whether you’re choosing to relocate for medical reasons or you’re just looking for a safer community, you have many options to choose from, including independent living communities and nursing homes. Before you make any […]

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What Is an Independent Living Community?

Independent living community

An independent living community, sometimes called a retirement community or senior living community, is a complex that is specially designed for individuals (typically ages 55 and up) that don’t need physical assistance. This type of community typically features residential apartments and several shared spaces, including libraries, salons, event rooms, and dining areas. The community may […]

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55+ Senior Apartments Versus Standard Apartments

2 bedroom 2 bathroom

Often, senior citizens choose to downsize and move from their homes into an apartment that is more compact and easier to care for. So, they begin searching for the right-size apartment in a neighborhood they like. After all, an apartment is an apartment, right? Well…not always. Senior apartments differ from standard apartments in several ways. […]

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At What Age Are You Considered a Senior? 65? Maybe Not!

community amenities

Believe it or not, 65 is not the official senior citizen age. In fact, the term senior citizen is pretty subjective. Different organizations use varying standards to determine when individuals are officially considered seniors.  According to AARP The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is one of the largest lobbying organizations in the country. Members […]

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3 Ways Senior Living Communities Improve Quality of Life

Senior man reading book and smiling in a senior community

The thought of moving into a senior living community can be scary for some people—it’s an unfamiliar place filled with new people. But, relocating to a senior living community is also an opportunity—an opportunity to meet new people, find emotional support, and spend less time on homemaking tasks.   In fact, senior living communities can drastically […]

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How Senior Living Communities Provide Safety & Security

Senior couple

It’s no surprise that research has identified the seniors as more susceptible to crime than any other age population. Even in reportedly ‘safe’ neighborhoods, staying protected within the home can be challenging. That’s why many individuals prefer to relocate to senior living communities.  The best senior living communities will feature both active safety devices (security […]

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