7 Ways To Make the Most of Your Apartment Space

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Senior apartments in Macomb County offer limited square footage. In some ways, this can be an advantage. After all, if you are downsizing from a family home in which you have lived for many decades, it is probably because you have more space than you know what to do with.

Nevertheless, no matter how welcome the transition to a smaller adult living apartment may be, it can still feel like a tight squeeze as you are first making the adjustment. It may not be possible to make more space in your apartment. However, with a little imagination mixed with patience, you may be able to make the most out of the space that you do have. Here are some ideas about how you can maximize the space in your new apartment.

1. Decorate With Mirrors

A mirror reflects the room and gives the illusion of depth and dimension. The larger the mirror, the greater the effect will be. Therefore, you may want to choose a full-length or full-body mirror.

2. Hang Floor-To-Ceiling Window Treatments

These are especially effective when the floor plan is small but the ceilings are very high. Floor-to-ceiling window treatments help to draw the eyes up. The result is a room that feels much larger than it actually is.

3. Try Different Room Dividers

You may have a space that you would like to put to multiple purposes. For example, maybe you would like to separate the living room from the dining area, or perhaps you would like to use part of the bedroom as a home office.

There are several types of room dividers you can use, each with their own unique advantages:

Curtains can be sheer to let light through, and you can draw them back to open up the space as desired.

Privacy screens are often decorative as well as functional and may serve as a conversation piece.

Open or semi-open bookshelves provide valuable storage space while allowing in natural light.

4. Paint With Light Colors

Light colors for walls and furnishings tend to make a room look larger and feel more open and airy, while dark colors tend to make a space feel smaller and more closed in. Another way to make your space feel larger is to choose a palette of cooler colors, such as greens and blues. These colors tend to make a room feel bigger because the eye perceives them as receding away.

5. Use Vertical Storage

Maybe the most valuable asset to you in trying to maximize your square footage is vertical space, i.e., what is between the floor and ceiling. You can put this space to good use by building or installing storage space that stretches from floor to ceiling.

There are two approaches to this: You can either camouflage the storage by painting it the same color as the wall, or you can make it stand out by choosing open storage and making it the room’s centerpiece. Either way, it is an excellent way of utilizing the space efficiently.

6. Do Double Duty

Say you and your spouse have a two-bedroom apartment. Unless you do a lot of entertaining, the guest bedroom may stand vacant most of the time. That space can do double duty as a home office or hobby room. You can install shelving or other storage units to keep your supplies and projects safely out of sight when you do have company.

7. Control Clutter

When you live in a small space, you may have to declutter more often. Purging any items that you do not need will go a long way toward making your space feel larger and using it more efficiently.

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