How To Maximize Space in Your Apartment

maximize space in your apartment

Whether you’ve just downsized from a home to an apartment or you’ve always been a renter, maximizing the space in your apartment is the key to living in an organized, beautiful space. When you first begin your journey of senior apartment living, it can be shocking to have your whole life down to one or two bedrooms. Never fear, this guide will help you make your apartment in Macomb County feel like a home.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

The most important step in maximizing your apartment space is to opt for multi-function furniture wherever possible. This means that every piece you choose for your apartment can double as storage. For instance, choose a sectional that has hidden compartments to store books or DVDs.

Select a coffee or side table that has a drawer or shelf to put more of your things. Multi-function furniture allows you to have a chic design and still be organized.

Baskets and Decorative Boxes

Another storage option for senior apartment living is investing in decorative baskets and boxes that can hold your belongings and keep them organized. Stacked boxes will make a tiny closet more manageable and will also make it so that your possessions are easier to find.

Well-made decorative baskets can be placed strategically in entryways to hold shoes or bags or can be placed in the living room to store blankets. These decorative storage pieces give your home charm and character while serving a purpose.

Bed Selection

While that king-sized mattress may have helped fill the space in your old bedroom, in an apartment larger beds will take up an entire room. Downsize to a queen or full-sized bed to ensure you still have space in your room to move around or add any other furniture you may want in your room.

Like the multi-purpose furniture in your living room or dining room, choose a bed that either has storage compartments built into its base or choose a base high enough off the ground that you can store boxes underneath. Experiment with loft beds or a Murphey bed that folds into the wall.

Kitchen Organization

When you live in an apartment, you just don’t have a lot of counter space to spread out a bunch of appliances. Keep those you will use regularly like a crock-pot or coffee maker and ditch the rest.

Experiment with hanging your pots and pans to free up the shelving space for dishes or pantry items. Hanging baskets are also an excellent way to store fruit while saving space.

Use Your Wall Space 

Walls aren’t just for hanging artwork or pictures. When you live in an apartment, the walls provide even more opportunities to maximize space. Apart from shelving, you can also mount a desk or television to the wall which will free you up from bulking entertainment centers or large wooden desks. Most landlords are fine with holes in the wall so long as you fill them in before you move out.

Opt for Smaller Dining Tables

Instead of a large family dining table, try a small round bistro set or even bar stools in front of the counter space. This will free up the whole dining area giving you room to place other furniture be it a bookcase, plant or a desk.

Adult Living Apartments in Shelby Township

Apartment living is chic and minimalist. If you’re a senior searching for apartments in Shelby Township, you’ve found a home at Shelby Park Manor. Our vibrant community consists of both one and two-bedroom apartments with a senior center for socializing as well as picturesque walking trails and parks. If you’re interested in touring our community, contact us today to schedule a viewing.

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