Tips for Decorating Your Apartment

apartment decorating

Whether you’ve gotten tired of the upkeep of a house or you just don’t need all that space, moving into a luxury apartment at Shelby Park Manor is an exciting opportunity to liven up your living space and do some fun decorating. Apartments in Shelby Township Michigan are excellent canvases to get creative with design. Now that you’ve secured your Shelby Township apartment, let’s get decorating!

Functional Furniture

Before you start looking for window treatments or new fixtures for the walls, start with the basics and choose some functional furniture pieces. The key to apartment living is maximizing your space. You can do this by opting for multi-use furniture.

Get a coffee table that has compartment storage. Look at sofas or sectionals that separate into a bed or extra chaise lounge. Choose a bed frame with built-in storage. The key to getting the most from a smaller space is utilizing all the space you do have.

Window Treatments and Fabric Accents

Once you have your furniture picked out, it’s time to add some vibrancy to your space. Choose window treatments that have complimentary colors or go bold and opt for bright patterns. Throw blankets draped over an easy chair or sofa and decorative throw pillows are other options for adding drama and color to spice up your rooms.


Nothing can make your space look bigger than a well-placed mirror. Not just for vanity, mirrors add character and depth to any room. Choose a mirror shape that fits in well with the rest of your wall space and opt for mirrors with interesting frames. Whether you put it in your entryway, living room or bedroom, a mirror is an easy way to add décor.

Bold Lighting

Whether your Shelby Township apartment doesn’t get much sun or you just need extra light for reading, decorative light fixtures are another way to add some spark to your abode. A standing lamp, wall sconce or pendant lights are easy options to increase the lighting and make your apartment feel bright and welcome.

Decorative Art

Nothing is drabber than bare walls. Give your walls some life with vibrant art. Whether you paint it yourself at wine and paint night, you find a piece at a thrift store or you’ve got paintings that have been passed down through generations, art will make your apartment a home. If paintings are too stuffy for you, try adding prints or photographs. Interesting frames can add character but if frames are out of your budget, try wall clips to hang some choice pieces. There are also lots of options for wall decals to add fun pictures without scuffing up your paint.


One issue with living in a big house is the sheer volume of things you accumulate over the years. In your apartment you need to get creative with how you’ll store valuables, keepsakes, papers and clothing. The best place to start is with your closet. Invest in shelving, stacked boxes and bins to keep everything in its place.

Bookcases, media consoles and kitchen racks are furniture options that can also help you organize and save space. Get your organization system started as soon as you move in so you can avoid clutter or missing items. It’s also important to organize your apartment for ease of mobility. Make sure you can easily reach things you need and that nothing is obstructing pathways.

Apartments for Rent in Shelby Township

Shelby Park Manor is the premier living community for those over 55 seeking luxury apartments in Shelby Township, Michigan. We have various floor plans whether you want a one bedroom or two bedroom plan. Shelby Park Manor is also a strong community with access to a senior center, parks and forested trails. Find your dream living situation at Shelby Park Manor. Call today to find out about our move-in specials.

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