Active Adult Communities: What are They?

Active adult communities are property developments catering to people that are 55 years and older. The properties are residential and offer these adults maintenance-free and independent living. Residents can choose to continue working or not, and there are a wide variety of activities within the real estate development.

What Makes an Active Adult Community Different?

Active adult communities are an excellent choice for you or your parents as they grow older. They ensure that you can socialize with agemates, have independence, and their houses require little maintenance. More benefits of living in these communities are listed below.


As you age, your needs change, and accessibility of both your home and the nearby stores is crucial. Since these homes are designed with retirees in mind, they are very accessible. Whether you use a walker, cane, or wheelchair, you can comfortably live in your new home. Builders construct entrances to ensure that you can easily navigate with your wheelchair or walker.

On-site Services

Designers create active adult communities with all your needs in mind. These communities provide barbershops, beauty salons, dry-cleaning, and laundry services. They also offer meal preparation services, transportation, and emergency medical care for those that may need it. There are restaurants close by to ensure that the residents can meet and socialize. Bear in mind that these communities also have a variety of entertainment facilities built within them. They come with swimming pools, special interest classes and sometimes golf courses.

Activities at an Active Adult Community

There is a wide variety of things to do in these communities. If you wish to rent or buy a home, you will not be short of activities to do. Different active adult communities have varying activities focused on seniors and their interests. If you’re currently or considering living in Shelby Township, here’s a list of things to do!

Special Interest Classes

Active adult communities encourage a wide variety of activities. These include cooking classes, ballroom dancing, computer skills, and arts and crafts. They provide an opportunity to learn new skills and socialize with other seniors. Special interest classes also help to keep the brain and body active, which is very healthy. Other special interest classes you may find are tennis, yoga, and golf. When selecting an active adult community, choose one with many classes so you can grow your knowledge and stay busy.

Outdoor Activities

Those interested in outdoor activities can go on bird watching trips, animal interactions activities, and gardening. It is essential to check what kind of outdoor activities are available in your prospective community. If you enjoy sports, find out whether they have golf or tennis, for instance. Seniors that love gardening can find out whether their community of choice, provides space nearby for gardening activities and classes.
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Communities with Your Needs in Mind

If you are in search of an active adult community, you need to find one with your needs in mind to ensure that you will be comfortable. Here are the qualities of an excellent active adult community.

● It should have entertainment activities. These include fitness classes, sports, and outdoor activities such as hikes.

● It should have excellent security to ensure that you and your property are safe.

● There should be meals available for residents in case they do not want to cook. A dining room or restaurant, for instance, should be available.

Shelby Park Manor is the Perfect Active Adult Community

If you are looking for the best active adult community, choose Shelby Park Manor. They offer luxurious apartments close to excellent amenities. You can choose either a one or two-bedroom apartment space depending on your needs.

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